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Ray Hassett De-Escalation / Connection Training

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Real-life Skills for Reading Behaviors, Resolving Conflicts, Reducing Violence, Staying Safe

We provide practical, step-by-step tools to de-escalate most situations, whether in law enforcement, the front line of customer interaction such as transit authorities and utility workers; a corporate climate, educational environment, non-profit organization or government agency - both in the U.S. and abroad.   

Every training presentation focuses on the information and techniques that will be most effective for the needs of your group.  Depending on the extent of your organization's need, we also partner with human resource professionals and other experts in building a comprehensive conflict resolution program.

Turn on the TV any day of the week and you'll see stories of police officers struggling to serve their communities with a growing distrust of those officers. You'll see stories of domestic violence, road rage, hostile work environments, angry customers turning violent in stores, conflicts between students and teachers - there's no shortage of negative outcomes from heightened emotional reactions. Our training teaches you how to manage a volatile situation, move past the immediate circumstances and create a safer environment for all involved.