Law Enforcement

Real-life Skills for Reading Behaviors, Resolving Conflicts, Reducing Violence, Staying Safe

Ray Hassett De-Escalation / Connection Training

Police departments nationwide are facing more scrutiny than ever. What most people fail to remember is that our officers are human.  They have emotional triggers and reactions like all of us. Our training gives them a solid set of skills they can use to best adjust and adapt to any situation, keep their own emotions in check, and de-escalate the fight-or-flight reaction. 

This specific program is called "The New Face of Law Enforcement".  Using a multi-media approach, our training includes a visual presentation, workbook instructions, role-playing and video examples of real life situations. Helping to control most volatile situations before they turn deadly is a skill that every law enforcement officer needs to know - not only to protect the public, but also to enhance officer safety.