Real-life Skills for Reading Behaviors, Resolving Conflicts, Reducing Violence, Staying Safe

Ray Hassett De-Escalation / Connection Training

students & educators

We offer a specialized de-escalation program for high school, college and university students that speaks to the current climate on campus' nationwide. Created to help young men and women better communicate with each other and with authority figures while authentically expressing themselves.  These tools help students prepare for life in the 'real world' as well, where they will have to interact with cultures, personalities and situations that can escalate stress in personal and professional relationships.

Educators are challenged daily with difficult students, limited resources and little direction on how to manage escalating scenes in the classroom. Part of our training also includes focus on working with those with mental health issues that are matriculated into mainstream classrooms. Our training speaks to the very real and stressful environment of today's educator. We help you with strategies to recognize when the situation is elevating, how to adjust your approach in order to contain the problem and resolve issues where all involved feel acknowledged, respected and empowered.